The New International Leadership Institute (NILI) will educate, inspire and promote a new generation leaders by encouraging the development of innovative approaches to governance, economic, and security challenges, including through the effective engagement of the US and Europe in the transformation and modernization of states and societies.


Emergent crises in governance, economy, and security present unparalleled challenges for global leaders, and in particular for those countries at the new frontiers of Europe. Addressing these challenges will require a new generation of leaders committed to a transformative vision for the transatlantic future and other global alliances. The New International Leadership Institute will help encourage, train, and connect this new generation of leaders.

Transformative leadership is about the implementation of crucial reforms, diligent governance, and state building. In the past two decades, many organizations have emerged to help build political parties and teach them how to win elections; far fewer have focused on how to govern and how to communicate the difficult business of reform to a national audience.

The challenging of keeping power is far different than taking it. NILI will strive to identify visionary leaders in critical national fields — economy, security, rule of law, minority rights/building inclusive society — and ensure they have the tools and network they need to turn vision into actionable policies with broad national support. This will include helping to define how the US and Europe can remain effective partners in the transformation and modernization of states and societies in the 21st century.

The same spirit of innovation and creativity that drives so much of the global economy must also be devoted to governance, security, alliance building, and global problem solving. This is what will be required of 21st century leadership, and NILI will help develop leaders with these tools.


NILI is founded by members of Georgia’s revolutionary government. Elements of the transformation of Georgia have been recognized around the world; this knowledge and experience can help build a platform to inspire others who face seemingly impossible tasks.

NILI’s founders and board members believe that building stronger governance practices is essential for the democratic process to be real, permanent, and sustainable, in the nations of the former Soviet Union and beyond.

Based in the US and registered as a non-profit organization, the Institute’s mission is to educate, inspire and promote new leaders who will bring non-traditional thinking to evaluating the security, economic, cultural, and governance challenges facing these nations.

NILI will target leaders from policy, business, media, NGOs and faith-based organizations, and will work to facilitate strong networks of communication betweens leaders in different disciplines.

About our work:

— Beginning in 2015, NILI will convene several groups a year for leadership training in the United States. Initially, this work will focus on the frontiers of Europe — in particular the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

NILI will use the recent experiences of new European and other post-Soviet states to help inform potential leaders from Eastern Partnership countries who are interested in building strong, inclusive democracies that support a vibrant transatlantic relationship.

These groups will be organized geographically or topically and will target areas or issues of immediate importance. They will also help inform policymakers and opinion leaders in the United States about regional challenges and potential solutions.

— NILI will commission and publish, on an ad hoc basis, original research and policy analysis on topics relating to security and governance challenges.

— NILI will also convene an annual leadership forum for public discussion of success stories and how Europe and the United States can help promote innovative and effective states.